Sunday, March 13, 2011


Its official i have lost 3 pounds and one inch.

I am so excited.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad mommy

So Zack was sick most of the weekend. But since we were out of town Inever took him to the dr. I finally get him in yesterday only to find out he'd had RSV and an earache. Ifeel so bad that he was so sick and never took him in. But at least he is on the mend.

I have still been keeping up with my training for the 5k in May. I even bumped up the treadmill speed. So I am felling good. I also bought a used Jogging stroller for babyZ to ride in for the rac and for outdoor training. I just need the weather to cooperate with me.

I haven't had any weight loss yet but it will come. I just need to be patient.

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Year and Happenings

Well its been along time since we have posted. And alot has happened. We had our beautiful boy about year ago, he is getting so big. He want to walk so badly that it is fun to see him try. He continues to learn new words and mimics things we do. We just love our baby Z.

I am going to start using thisforum as a way tokeep track of myself and my goals.
i reall want to lose weight andget in shape both physically and spritiually. I am the first toadmit that i can be the biggest slacker on both counts. i start off good with goo intentions then it just falls by the wayside, i really need to work on that.

First spritually. Our ward's Relief Society, back in the beginning of February, started a 100 day challenge to reading the Book of Mormon and i am still on Day 5. but I read today and will continue on the Journey, One of the questions though from the reading asked how often do we sit and meditate, and think on the things that are truly important. And i have to admit lately not that often. when i awas in college i would go on these long walks in the evening, either bymyself or with a friend, no music, no distractions and i would have a "chat" with Heavenly Father, or would discuss stuff, depending on the situation. Almost nightly. Sometimes thingswould become so clear during those times. I Now i dont know when the lasttime i just sat there and pondered about life and what was really important. i hope to change this. I really want to make an effort to set aside the time to really "chat" with my Heavenly Father.

the second part is physically. I am overweight. i admit it. and its my own fault, I have been lazy for too many years. No more excuses. My ogal by the end of the year to have lost 50 lbs. i CAN do it, but it will be hard. so starting today i have a plan.

i will exercise everyday but sunday, I am going to sign up to do a 5k with a friend for mothers day weekend. that gives me 12 weeks to get going. today i even did the Couch to 5k day 1 week 1 with the dog. (he also got a little tubby over the winter).

tomorrow for the First month i will do my Turbo Jam videos to kickstart my plan. I will do C25k wvery MWF and use my bike every TTS. This is my goal.

But to Start it off i have repot how i am doing every week. I have decided Sunday will be my Weigh in day. but i need my starting stats so here goes.

Starting weight: 195.5
Hips: 48"

Lets hope they are smaller next week :-)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 TRIP

As you can see bythe pictures, we took a trip to California and Las Vegas. IT WAS A BLAST!!! We started out by going to an Angels game, which we lost. :( Either way, 'BUY ME SOME PEANUTS AND CRACKER JACKS." It was fun.

We then headed to the Long Beach Aquarium and saw lots of fishes. We walked on the beach, saw lots of boats and went scubadiving. Okay we didn't do that, but it sounded fun. Swam in the ocean with the fishes, waves and even saw some nudity. NO KIDDING!!!

Finally we went to Universal Studios Hollywood, where we saw the making and makings of several famous movies. The tour was great, except for the annoying tour guide. I'm sorry, but people who barely speak English should not give tours.

On the way home we spent two nights in Las Vegas where we gambled our pension away, like we have any right. Dined out with Wayne Newton and stripped, I mean walked the strip. :) Between bathroom breaks and throwing up, it was a FUN TRIP.



Drink anyone?

Good thing we drive instead of flying.


No Biff, You leave her alone.